What's this nonsense all about ?

In a nutshell, Heifervescent has been my music project since 2002. Before that, I was part of an indie band called Monkeyland and later a further reincarnation under the name of Cannula. There’s more stuff about the old days here if you’re interested.

I won’t lie to you, when I was 21, the allure of strutting about in a band was bloody exciting. A rollercoaster of highs and lows – playing live to 1000s of people, hearing your record on the radio, getting phone calls from famous people, walking into the pub and strangers know your name. The next day, you’re playing to one bloke and his dog. This happened to me constantly in the 90s, but if that one bloke said something complementary, then it restored the faith and the motivation to carry on and do it all again – repeat till fade.

However, around 2000, when everyone’s drive seem to evaporate and there was no more ‘band’ as such, I realised that I was left with the same motives that I had before playing with any bands…

Whether you’re a writer, an artist or a composer, you’ve probably had an idea, written it down, added some more thoughts, walked away from it, come back and changed a few things and then before you know it, your creation has taken a completely different road to where you thought it would. You end up with something autonomous that talks back to you and tells you things about yourself that you didn’t know.

There’s something magical about laying down the foundations of an idea and letting it take you on a journey. That’s the reason I write and produce music. It’s how I started, a long time ago and it’s exactly the same today.