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Released 2018

All words and music written by Andy Doran

White Camarillo

Hello my friend, it’s good to see you again. It seems like a lifetime, so shall we make amends? I know I said your boy was straight off the set of the omen, but that wasn’t me, it was just the heat of the moment. You’ll be under the pillow, biting your hand. The moments seems to last forever. Then on a white camarillo, you open your arms, and everybody comes together. Hello my dear, fancy meeting you here. I’m glad you found somebody else, someone so sincere. I didn’t mean to offend you and make you cry in an instance. I just thought he looked ok from a distance

Scoping Out

Sometimes I wonder why I’m sitting in the road, watching the traffic lines go by. And people turn around and look the other way, feeling selectively blind today. Try not to to trip now, I just like to graze, it’s just a routine marinating phase. I’m just scoping out. Come and share the idle pleasure and we’ll scope out together. Two traffic cops rock up and stand in front of me. It’s a restricted zone you see. I’m only waiting for a short epiphany then I’ll be on my way quickly. Nothing is broken and nobody has died, I’m only watching the rest of the world go by

Wonders of the Deep

All along this coastline, clusters of philanderers and concubines. Parasols of shady wealth, cars and boats and bright, shiny, sponsored health. Here, money buys the music in your ears. Here, money buys the things that disappear. All these things that travel the ocean; Pretty polyethylene, tides of polyvinyl, oh these things, that travel the ocean; Reefs of polypropylene, mesmerizing wonders of the deep. All around this island, water bites the hands that feed. Grains and scree of PVC, washed up on the sand by the sickly sea.

The Man That Time Forgot

Well by the smirking on your face I can tell you’re looking for someone. Somebody silent to endure the fiction you’ll recite. Well that somebody seems to be, regrettably, me. And as the clocks slow down, it’s going to be a long long night. How did you ricochet every bullet that was ever shot, when you’re the man that time forgot? I never knew that you were living the dream on a daily basis. I never realised that you had been through so much pain. I don’t remember these dizzy heights of your holy greatness. And well I have to ask the question – who are you again?

One Way Out

One way out. Just a thing to think about. Everybody exits through the same door. One way out. There’s no fear, there’s no doubt. Everybody’s waiting to be called for. Don’t be sad, I have no pain. Don’t be sad cos I’ll see you again. Don’t you cry, yes I will explain, yes I will explain when I see you again. One way out. Everybody leaves this roundabout. Everybody exits through the same door.

Everything Under The Sun

The medication is subsiding, so once again I recreate the sheer monstrous hell of being consumed by something else. But the telephone just isn’t working
and I wonder what’s behind the door. Oh I feel a surge in the water and the birds are all silent now. Yesterday the world was safe but now I fear for everything under the sun. I fear for everything under the sun. Through seven bitter months of winter, this little spider weaves his web. Then in a flicker of an instance he’s dead, hanging from a single thread. And the weatherman seems to be lying, now I feel that the rain’s on it’s way

Elizabeth W.T.F.

A Cumbria scene. Elizabeth just walked into the sea. Her last breath came courtesy of a filthy colliery. Those were the days when love was built on composmentis minds. And nobody would speak of those who weren’t so well designed. So take off your rosy sunglasses now. And just what the hell are you moaning about now? Here we are, here today, in the comfort of our dreams with all the love of our friends, lifting up our low esteem. Not like those days gone by when she screamed I’m still alive and still they left her to die. In times like these I could almost evangalize. I look at the stars and I know that they’re the very same ones that she looked up to and prayed. Astronomy wars. You were last in line of the feisty Irish so maybe I’ll see you in Mars.

The Loneliest Walk

She used to sing sweet love songs and leave the men all humbling. But now she stumbles home where another wall is crumbling. Dressed in black with a gun in her bag, people are so blind. She can’t see a thing for the shadows in her mind. One more time, the loneliest man walks on by the loneliest woman, who walks on by the loneliest man, who walks on by the loneliest woman. Dressed for a fight yet this man seems the blueprint of distinction. But underneath he’s fighting his personal extinction. All tooled up with a nicotine stub people are so blind. He can’t see a thing for the shadows in his mind.

Excuses For The Common Man

You say that I’m to blame for the fast demise of man. I say that you’re insane and I love you and I’m doing all I can. You say it’s not the way you pictured your superman. I say he’s been delayed but I love you and I’m doing all I can. Don’t break my star, I’m doing the best that I can. Blah blah blah. Excuses for the common man and here we go again. You say the camera knows and the camera never lies, so I’ll stay in the dark room where the camera knows that I’ll get by. I must confess it’s not my greatest line. But damage limitation is a competence of mine. Because I do it all the time.

Black Cat

You and your black cat watching the rain. Until the clock’s back, 11.55 again. You and your black cat, side by side, putting all the world’s wrongs to right. Black Cat, do you hear the silence? Silence so deafening. Black Cat in silence, putting all the world’s wrongs to right again. You and your black cat listening to the room. Tick tick tick tick goes the dusty hand in the dusky room. You and your black cat sadly no more. Unless you count the freeze dried mount that you’ve grown to adore.

Destination Altair

I like the feel of the air you have around you. Seems like a real high oxygen content. I seldom need it for myself it’s inessential. It just invites more rust and accidents. Destination Altair to kill the creation machine. The information’s out there but I just don’t know what it means. You ought to see my nice brand new subconcious. It’s nothing less than astronomical. You don’t speak English, I am at your service. 180 languages in full. Tell me please, what does it all mean. Tell me please, where is the vaccine? Let’s make a phrase so that everyone can ban it. The big machine is about to self destruct. It’s like we’re living on a failed forbidden planet and here my friend, I’m afraid that we are stuck – oh fuck!

Human Transponder

When you feel the low. When you feel the tremors. Don’t go. When you feel the dark and the final embers. Don’t go, don’t stare at the potion. Just know you can feel my devotion. When the year is lost and the days are numbered. Don’t go. When you feel alone, lost in the danger zone. Don’t go, don’t swallow the potion. Just know you can feel my devotion. Every alley that you wander, I’ll be chasing right after your mind. It’s like a human transponder sending back a signal and I’ll find you. When you feel alone, lost in the danger zone. Don’t go, don’t swallow the potion. Just know you can feel my devotion.

Broken Hearted Man

Everybody loves a happy ending but no-one likes to say a sweet goodbye. Am I prematurely lamenting? Talking to the shapes in the sky. Goodbye. I found a box of folded faded photographs. A torn and tattered timeline of your life. Under the bed an empty bled crystal caraffe. A vessel void of spirit and strife. And as the rays of the streetlight paint this windowpane, I read the letter again and again and again. And in a flash of revelation I realise all I have are empty hands. These are the words of a broken hearted man. Stuck between the deep blue sea and the devil doesn’t sound too bad right now. Waking up for a day of hallucination. Digging up the seeds you meticulously sowed.

My Dear Commissar

Oh my lord, I never did what you asked me to do. And now I’m a rogue, according to some, some like you. But I don’t even know who you are. I don’t think we’ve spent much time together and it seems to me, my dear commissar, that I can’t see the words on your page. I can’t see your big happy ever after and I just can’t find that guiding star. Oh my lord, I never realised the sins and deceit and dishonour in the people who fell, infidels, who succumbed to disease, just ceased to be, famine and catastrophe.