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Released 2019

All words and music written by Andy Doran

Lazy Liars

Beyond the static of the radio, the broken sound of Ramon Raquello. Ladies and Gentlemen we interrupt to bring you this special announcement. Something fell out of the sky this evening (is it actual?). The news reports that we are just receiving (is it factual?) are indicating that the world’s on fire (Are we all at war?) it’s a make believe invasion of the lazy liars (who are they working for?). The new derision of the faculty. Justification of the fallacy The only question in the voting booth. Who knows the truth? I see the sky and I can see the fire (Are we all at war?) It’s a make believe illusion by the lazy liars (who are they working for?).

The Dark World of Humans

You and the rest of the world, can throw your pearls back in the sea. Because I’ve found the only one, a much brighter sun, that shines only for me. And I am lost in light. 10 million lumens – tells me this is right. And so I must endure, the dark world of humans to find the light in her. Your scorn, such futility. It means nothing to me and less to her. I’m louder than your life silencer. I have no room for you love saboteurs.

What Have I Done Now?

In the sunshine you were an angel and you lifted me up for a better view. But the rainstorm brought premonition and the fear brought something new. You showed my blood and tears. You told me all your fears. So tell me what have I done, to get my reservation right at the end of your gun while you smile? So tell me what have I missed, to get the top position, upon your ‘take em out’ list. Sound the carillon. In the night time, you lit the room up. And your warmth cast an orange glow. But in the daylight you cast a shadow over everyone that you know. You showed me wounds and scars. You told me your memoirs.

Is This the Right Way Home?

In a picture, you and me standing by the sea. It’s a mixture of hazy love and lazy luxury. Here the sky is lower and I’m miles and miles away. Here the food is radioactive. The simple sound of a melody, a song we used to play, wildly unlocks my memory gates. Is this the right way home? This road looks so familiar. These friendly ghosts will show me find my way back home. In the Mizmaze, the loneliness can help you find your way to the glory days in front of you, so castaway.


Better lie down and reason. Better write your feelings down. Better lie down and reason. Better lie still and make your vows. To understand the poison. To know what feeds the pain. To find a new location. To never come back here again. Never want to see you. Never never want to come back here again. Never want to feel you. Trolling through my veins.

Slipping Away

You wrote to fill the vacuum and I sent you my regards. Such notes are lost forever in a house that was made of cards. You feigned a floored reaction as I asked you for your hand to entwine our souls together with a rope that was made of sand. Someone’s going to lose their mind tonight. Onto the final page I write. And so it kills me to say you’re slipping away. As I watch this fragile flower decay. Now you’re slipping away, I don’t understand, how this beautiful life can freeze in the warmth of my hands. You left me in the shadow with blazing question marks. Talking to a stranger. A rude skeleton in the dark.

Morning Time

Light leads me on doggedly. I don’t know where I am. But there’s a taste in the water that sweetens all the sour. I feel the warmth of morning time just before the midnight hour. All knowing one – you were right, I don’t know who I am. But there’s a scene in a movie that always resonates. The tender tears of children, puts everything back in it’s place.

White Nightmare

I lost the will to levitate, lost my out of body state, it’s over you know. I paid the bill and wiped the slate, but now I see you standing in my grave.
Hello! So here we are now, and not much has changed. We don’t have very much to share. A muted look and a silent exchange. You’re still the beauty that brings back the white nightmares. I lost a large piece of my life, living in the never ending night, it’s over you know. I can’t give anymore, but now I see you knocking on my door. Hello!

No Feelings to Guard

My love of life’s unfashionable. The mirth of yesterday is somewhat kind of radical, so wipe your smiles away. We’ve lost the age of reasoning. Compelled into a room. The burning scent of poisoning. The bait before the tomb. Only you can hear me now as I shouted at the world. Don’t you get the feeling this world is squeezing you too hard? Now I find you kneeling down with no feelings to guard. We’ve lost the right to criticize. We’ve lost the power of speech We’ve found our children ostracised and washed up on the beach.

Quasar Girl

Back in the days of innovation, there was hope in the darkest hinterland. Before the days of compensation, you’d rearrange all the cards left in your hand. Don’t you look down, you’re on top of the world. Breathe in the stars before you hurl. Don’t play it cool, when you’re on fire, firebird. You’ve travelled so far, my quasar girl. Back in the days of evolution, there was life amongst the dryest grains of sand. Back in the days of absolution, you were free to the fruits of the promised land.