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Released 2011

All words and music written by Andy Doran

Seed of Sin

There′s a seed of sin, it’s buried in the heart of her soul. She never wanted it to grow. She never wanted it to show, but it′s done now. There’s an evil seed of lust and greed, locked up in her soul. She always thought it would be safe. She never thought it would escape, but it’s out now. She said I know it′s wrong, but I still feel this young. I know it′s bad, but this could be the best day that I’ve had. There′s a book of trust with things you must and must not ever do. She tore it up in a rage and then she rewrote every page. It’s done now. She said I know it′s wrong, but I still feel this young. I know it’s bad, but this could be the best day that I′ve had.

Chase the Vagabonds

Underneath a falling sky, we′re running out of days, so treasure precious time, time for the taking. You’re so wonderful in every way. You offered me a lift and I just walked away. And now my back is breaking. If you wait, I′ll make it up to you someday. If you wait, I’ll chase these vagabonds away. If you wait. As everybody serves the king, the two of us looked around and laughed, oh what a terrible terrible thing that this should mean everything.


Let′s compromise. The seventh heaven would be nice, but times are hard you know. I’ve slept for days and now I feel some things have changed. And now it′s time to go. I’m late for work. Don’t give me that, it′s not a crime, it′s rejuvenation time. I’ve lost a few friends but I′ll reclaim them in the end. And if I can’t, I′ll just pretend. Let’s make it right, let′s make amends. Do you still hold my soul? I don’t know. You just won’t let go. Oh no. Come on I′ll carry you home. You sucked me up and jettisoned me in the air. But now I′ve been repaired. And now I’m back again. I feel your grief, I feel your pain but frankly I don′t care. I’m trying not to swear. I′m so sorry I can’t do your questionnaire.

Figure 8

Happy now yet out of gear, my eyes are so much wider here and I wonder how I missed you. So divine and heaven sent and dressed up to impair my senses. I swear you′d kill. Excuse me turning up so late, I was running round in a figure 8 and now how I wish you were running round my figure 9, I’ll catch you down at the bottom line but I don′t know how to thrill you. It’s no crime, what are we waiting for this time? They make me feel like a bigamist but I just feel like an activist and so I say I will you to lead me into dirty water, treat me bad and beat me harder otherwise I′ll kill you.

The Furthest Outpost

Eyes upon the sun. Disillusion won over us. We don′t have no clues on the roadside. We’ve found the furthest outpost and there′s no going back. Take your hands and wrap them round the wheel. Hold on, hold still and tell me how you feel. Take your eyes and fix them on the skyline. Until we see the bright lights, we’ll drive until we’re healed. We have no idea where we are now but we′ve passed the furthest outpost and there′s no going back.

All the Way to the Pit

Ouch your eyes are running me into the ground. I said I would pay the bill but tongue in cheek I lied to you. How can I move when they′re standing on my shoes? Wasting away with a piece of the day and not much else to lose. Spare a second, time to reckon, what’s forsaken, what′s forgotten. Take this rose and watch it die. What’s your point of making ties? What can I do, when you’re poisoning my food? Treating your guests then spending the rest, till there′s nothing left to lose. But there′s some things to lose. Yes there’s some things to lose. There′s so many things to lose. Like the thought of somebody else in your shoes. Oh yes, there’s a clue. Someone needs to fill your shoes. Is this what I′m looking for? All this time, that I’ve been sweeping your floor. But what can you do, now I′ve got it in for you. Taking the fall, for the good of us all. It’s downhill all the way from here for you. All of the way.

Don’t Die on Me

I was dropped in the ocean and they filled my boots with lead. I was stripped of emotion as if I was two days dead. But she said don′t die on me, it was all inside your head. I’ve fed you, don′t die on me was the best thing that she said. And if only I was taller, I would paint her face on the chapel roof. And if both my legs were longer, I could see above this residue. And if I could just say that we’re better this way then we’re half way there and it′s alright. And if I could just say that we′re better this way then we’re half way through this day.

Big Mistake

Places that I′ve never seen, seem so visible to me. We saw one and one was all we need. Strange that I should feel so good. Back to living how we should. I could feel you feel the way I did. Is it in your heart to say that you can walk away from your big mistake? Is this where you turn the page? Now you’ve no more words to say. Do you just forget yourself this way? Living up to everything in a town that′s full with nothing can’t be safe. Taking all you can take. It’s a big mistake. It only takes one mistake. It′s a big mistake. It only takes one mistake.


Can you see the state of me? Not a million miles from vagrancy but I have to laugh when you look at me that way. And why do you make such a song and dance when I couldn′t ask for more. Couldn’t ask for more more more. Couldn′t as for more. In times of trouble, just let it go now. In times of trouble now, just a let let it go. Now go home. I’m happy I like the way you worry, I’m happy don′t cry and don′t be sorry, don’t worry about me, cos I′m so happy, I’m happy you worry so.


A hole in the skin. What a way to find your grin. Would a hole in the family leave you cold? I can′t see eye to eye, with a sad disguise you hide. I can’t see eye to eye with such a sore. As she opens up her eyes. As she opens up her eyes. Can′t believe she’s still alive. Seems impossible to me. Stories are told to her as she grows older, as she grows older. Stories are told to her and you. Your head must be so ill at ease. Your head must be so ill at ease. Can’t believe she′s still alive. Seems impossible to me.

The Wooden Attraction

Sitting on the bench. Their rears are growing bigger. Hard to understand such attraction of wood. I can see the days ahead. Easy to get them out of bed. Sun, rain or snow, I know where they’ll go. Carve your name in the wood, so people know who you are, like you should. Take a walk past the junction and back again. Round and round and round and round we go. A useless game, the rules are in the alcohol. A waste of a day and a waste of a brain. Sitting on the bench. Their rears are growing bigger. Hard to understand such attraction of wood. Alcohol and televisions, bakeries and tacky rock n roll. The fast track to their souls.

Closer Than

Inside her right side, she greets me so beautifully. With insight to my life, she knows what to do. If I should die, she may cry but she knows where people go. And it’s closer than the closeness of our home that we know. At times like these I lose myself but honestly now I’ve learned my lesson well. Inside her wrong side, she’s mocking me, she’s talking to me. Closer than the closeness of the skin to her bones. Oh can’t you see, I believe in these mysteries. We come and go, but you know I’ll never leave you on your own. Oh can’t you see I believe in these mysteries. This life’s everlasting and it grows as it feeds