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Released 2012

All words and music written by Andy Doran

Mondo Bizarro

Just look at your face – Jitters and shakes. You′re scared to look over your shoulder. Scared of the girl in the looking glass. Scared of the girl looking older. Fantastic and strange is what I would say. The things that can bind us together. You’re just scared of the underworld. Mondo Bizzaro Bizzaro Girl. Let′s keep it together this time. Whatever the weather your sun keeps shining bright. Monkeys and owls, hysterical howls, from the garden of earthly delights. But here you find the roundest pearls. Mondo Bizzaro Bizzaro Girl. Let’s keep it together this time. Whatever the weather your sun keeps shining bright.

Close to You

Sometimes you miss what′s in front of you. To my surprise, I had to rub my eyes and just take another look, to validate this pretty view. I just want to be close to you. This heavy rain changes everything. This is amazing me, you’re just the same. And no I never want to change the funny little things you do. I just want to be close to you. Wake up, wake up, wake up it′s a wonderful day. Someday the world will stop turning and with the black sky we’ll know it’s time. And when the helicopters fly and everything is blown in two, I′ll just want to be close to you.

The Great Collapsing Circus

Well there’s a man on the news, looking dazed and confused, in a scene of massive destruction. It doesn’t strike any chords as you turn to channel 3. As someone switches it back you prepare to attack and issue some kind of ultimatum. Now we’re engaged in a war of attrition now. Do you believe all that you see? Another TV lecture tells me that we all should look to America. Another circus passes through my lonely little town. Now did you see it happen today? Now did it really happen this way? As this conspiracy gains some momentum and grows, it soon becomes that new sensation. And then before you can blink it’s in a textbook in the school. Pass it on – the war is over, pass it on – the papers said, pass it on – the war is back again, pass it on – the queen is dead.

Spend the Day with Me

It′s been such an unintentional day. Simple treasures that we could not hide away. You’re so funny in everything you do. I′m so happy I could spend this day with you. It’s been such a revelation too. It’s so funny when we share those points of view. Its so liberating when you say “you can ask me anything today”. I′m not looking for a trial with the third degree. I′m just happy you could spend this day with me. I can’t tell the world about the things we said. For if I did you′d surely shoot me dead. There’s nothing in the way, now I can see and everything is labelled with morality. I can′t believe that I forgot to radiate and laugh a lot. A blessing wrapped in words and chemistry. I’m so happy you could spend this day with me and I′m locking it inside my memory. I can’t be myself with anybody else. It’s simple and it′s pure. And no I never can forget this precious day.

Fake Your Art and Die

Here comes the same bit of sky that I saw just yesterday. The blink of an eye, and it once again fades away. Look at the time, I need to jump off this carousel. Throw me a line and help me back down to earth. When I′ve got a lot of people talking to me with their exclamations, I don’t really hear a word they say to me. But now I see beyond that line of trees. So many times, I′ve tried to make out I’m someone else. So many times I’ve tried to fake everything. Fabricating your life is a sure fire way to insolvency. But faking your art is a sure fire way to die.

Baby Steps

You threw your keys into the water. Said you were never coming back. Said you were burning all the bridges. Said you were never, ever coming back. I know that this is not the answer, but listen while you walk away. You′re going nowhere at the moment so save your energy today. Rest in your bed and open your head. Let those demons free. Carry your load along that mountain trek but don’t be afraid, just take little baby steps. I′ve seen the goodness in your psyche. I’ve seen the things that you can do. And there’s a genius trapped inside of you masquerading as a lonely fool.

What Animal Are You?

He′s like a dog – he’s going to run if you will call. Chasing his tail, chasing shadows on the wall. You′re not so dumb, you can read between the lines. Purring like the cat that got away with just a fine. These people they come yeah, these people they go. Oh yeah they’ll kill you for a five star feast. Running round like feral beasts. Look at them all, smashing windows in the streets. Blaming the power and assaulting all the weak. The evolution of the human race just took a big back step from the future. So just what animal are you today that walks backwards, back in time.

Let This Monkey Go

Some monkey try and make your world so complicated. Some monkey leave while you carry his heavy load. Some monkey tells you that your life is over-rated. Shouting at the cars while he’s lying in the road. Let this monkey go. Some monkey paints an eerie picture of your future. Some monkey yells and throws the canvas on the floor. Some monkey lives to smash your face into the mirror. The monkey laughs while he’s walking out the door. And after all those things I saw, I just never want to get that low. And now my only words of wisdom are, well you’ve got to let this monkey go. I climbed the winding path up a rainy mountain. The monkey followed me and said this is the end. Jump off the edge cos you’ve nothing left to live for. I grabbed his tail and said after you my friend.

Brightest Light

I′m not a real believer. I’m not righteous devout. I′m not a god fearing man. I look for explanations before my speculations, it’s just the way that I am. But every now and then I will find a message in the eternal heights of the sky. It came to me today. Took all my breath away, it’s something that I can′t explain why. I never saw it coming. It punched me in the face. It threw me with conviction into a brand new place. I never saw it coming. It cut me like a knife. The brightest light I ever saw just burst into my life. Is this a real emotion Is this the end of me now? Is this something I can see? Is this a melodrama? Is this some alchemy now? Is it a conspiracy? You just can′t believe things you see.

When You’re Gone

You′d bring me gifts that fell to pieces. You’d laugh as I crawled on the floor. You′d give a man of steel some creases but I’m going to miss you when you’re gone. You′d pull the chair just before I sat down. You′d wipe the smile off a coked up clown. You’d sabotage anything that I own but I′m going to miss you when you’re gone. You′d push your way to the front of my queue. A queue of two, yeah just me and you. You’d turn around and say you got the last one but I′m going to miss you when you’re gone. Where am I going to find someone like you? You’re the perfect model of monstrosity. You′re the answer to the questions that I read. Where am I going to find someone like you. You′re the advert for medical model cure. You’re the breakthrough that we need to make us pure. You′ve got the hate, you’ve got the anger. You′ve the mindset that we need to fix the pieces of the jigsaw Oh we’re going to miss you when you′re gone.

The House that Leaves You Always Wanting More

I must have walked over thirty odd miles in the shadow of a swollen cloud. I watch the floor roll past my boots in the pouring rain. Haven’t seen a single woman or man or beast of any shape. Now no-one can listen to me moaning about the pain. But there’s a house with a little light and there’s a figure in the window. And with a deep breath I knock softly on the door. And as the light spills over me, I feel a warm consideration. This is a house that leaves you always wanting more. If I never see another sunrise I will look back mystified. I hope my mother did remember to sky plus my life. Then I can scrub back and forwards, making observations and maybe I could justify my miscalculations and collateral damage and the people I hurt tonight. But there’s a house with a little light and there’s a figure in the window and with a deep breath I knock softly on the door. And as the light spills over me, I feel a warm consideration, this is a house that leaves you always wanting more.

Little Egg

A million silent souls, never seen and just never known, watched this little egg grow, into intricate flesh and bone. All my obligations, they must wait, while I protect this beating heart. All these people just can’t emulate the miracle you are. Sleeping in the air, touching everything new. You turn your head from the glare but I can still talk to you. All these situations, when it seemed I couldn’t take no more. They just sailed away to another shore when you came through that door. A mesmerising miracle came to me yeah. You’re alive and so I’m alive and so blessed now you bring these beautiful things to me.