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Re-recorded and released 2024. Original written and recorded in 2005.

All words and music written by Andy Doran

When The Stars Fall From Grace

She said she doesn’t do sugar, so why do you say that sweetness makes the lover? and then you told her she reminds you of your mother. And she doesn’t do butter, so why do you slide around under those covers, like you’re melting through her hands and down the gutter? She’s not biting cos she don’t like it when it’s rare. She’s not feeding cos you keep bleeding over her. Oh brother, you talk about the things you must discover, like the cannibal that lies inside the lover. Today, you’ve got to walk away and find another place, somewhere darker, maybe outer space, where you can’t offend, but then again, I’ve got a feeling that the stars would fall from grace.

Deep Sea Diver

This is the last of the locks I’m fixing before I start on something new. And now your clothes are armour plated. And there’s a wardrobe full of deep sea diver suits. The lengths that I must go to, to keep the flies away, but now you’ll be ok. You’ve got a year’s supply of produce. Take it easy and you’ll live. And there’s your own little generator. It’s a little loud now but you’ll get used to it. The depths that I must fall to, to keep the flies away, but now you’ll be ok. Oh you know it doesn’t have to be this way. You could just begin believing that some day. All these parasites won’t always look at you this way. Why don’t you fly away?


I wash my dirty window in my sleep, I wake up and I mess it up again. You don’t know I’m here, you don’t know the measures that I take to keep you here. But hello, it’s my pleasure, to see this transformation in this room. A canvas comes to life and starts to bloom. You don’t know that I’ve been painting you forever. The colour in your eyes; the brightest ever treasure and hello it’s my pleasure. Oh Oh Oh I’ve painted a world where we can grow into a kaleidoscope of nothing we can call home. Oh Oh Oh Just put down your bags outside the door. These material thoughts, we should never have bought. We should leave them alone.

We’ve Got To Plug You In

I got us tickets to a fourth dimension. We got them free from a man in London. Yeah he was going off a recommendation. He said he′d really like to speak to you. But you’re just sitting in a broken armchair. Oh won′t you even look me in the eye yeah? Now are you going to say anything yeah? Oh where’s the wire? cos we’ve really got to plug you in. I′ll show you my soul if you′ll show me yours. I’ll give you anything you want if you′d please respond. I’ll tell you all my doubts and my reservations. You can really stretch my patience. But don′t you walk out. We’ve got a lot of things to talk about. And it really isn′t helping when you start to shout that you were never designed to sort this out. Well there’s nothing more to talk about. We’ve got to run cos the bus is leaving and me, you know, I′m bloody freezing. I can′t wait here for another minute. Oh where’s the wire? cos we′ve really got to plug you in.

Stop Following Me

Is that a gun in your hands or are you pleased to see my plans? Well here you go, you can have them all. Read them till you′re blind. Because I’m going to change my hair and what I wear. I′m going to change my lock and keys. You can do what you like. You can do whatever you please but stop following me. Now I’m home, push the door but look who’s standing on my floor. How did you get in? Oh you sucking louse! Oh what you doing in my house? I′m changing my face. I′ll change my skin and bones. If you just leave me alone. You can do what you like. You can do whatever you please but stop following me. I bought a one way ticket to hell and you were right there behind me. I see the man on the door, he sees me down on the floor. I’m asking nicely now. Please don′t let him in as well. You can do what you like. You can do whatever you please but stop following me. Get me out of here!

It’s Coming Together

It′s nearly a week and I’ve not been to sleep and I′ve not got a reason to now. Because now that I’ve joined up the dots I can see what you are. Sun, sea and grains of beautiful sugar. That’s what you are. The moon and the stars, Venus and the others. Creasing me up as you walk up the path, dressed like a rag doll, making me laugh. It′s coming together, it′s just getting better. The heavens are open to you with love. You’re looking smug as your flag unfurls. It says that you′re the only rational girl in the world. It’s coming together, it′s just getting better. The heavens are open to you my love. Everything you’ve got. Everything I′ve not. Everything else is out there. Diamonds and rings and material things. I don’t care. It′s coming together, it′s just getting better. The heavens are open to you with love. The apple has fallen, my head’s nearly broken. I sit up and laugh at the trees above

Out of Tune

When the only thing on your mind is the failure you left behind. And the words you could have said better, fade away quietly like musty old letters. When you′ve come to the end and the world doesn’t want complications. There′s a soul and a friend, kind of hanging around, looking for something to mend. Looking beyond the point of no return, tides will turn. Something holy, something divine. What’s the chances they could alter your mind? So you walk past the church and the priest looks away from you laughing. Well I won’t call myself a believer but I′m liking the view and yes I believe in you. Looking beyond the point of no return, tides will turn. Sailing over seas of empty heads, running through the fields that once belonged to the dead. When you stopped at the edge and the fishes came up to the surface. Well I heard one of them just say ‘You′re well out of tune but we sure believe in you’. Looking beyond the point of no return, tides will turn.

Counting Without Numbers

You can count me in. You said it right in front of your jealous siamese twin. Who′s going to take it on the chin? Praying on your knees doesn’t call for such profanities and such blasphemous deeds. You′re asking me to settle down then you run away right out of the town and you telephone to say you’re lost and could you count me in, while I’m counting the cost. I don′t understand this conversation, stretching my imagination, asking all the impossibles, you′ve got me now cos I’ll be counting without numbers. It′s a summers day and you’re wrapped in a coat that keeps that cold away, asking me why. You′re asking me to understand by analyzing all the lines on your hand and you’re asking me to count my loss. Oh well I′ll count you in while I’m counting the cost.

Victim of Crime

You can see but you can′t accept it, no matter how I try to illustrate. The books are closed so there’s no point in asking ‘why did you go?’ And now I′m looking at the empty boxes. You left your fingerprints all over the walls. How could you be so bloody careless? Because now I know. You stole my collection of time. I don’t want to be a victim of crime. You pulled me over the line. Now I’m taking back what′s rightfully mine. I can feel, but I′ve no sensations. Yeah you can stab me every day of the week. I only feel a minor irritation because I’m easy to heal.

And The Pondlife Flourished

A picture of you, a smile and a bong, we′re laughing together and singing an old fashioned song. Then something went wrong. You pushed me into the pond, under the ice. What were you thinking? A gullible fool baptised. Now that wasn′t nice. Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been safe, I′ve been sound, I′ve been good. All those magical times that we shared are all tainted with mud. No good. You tied up my hands, and gave me a smile, attached me to your car, and dragged me for miles and miles. I’ve got to say, you destroyed me in style. Such a deadly smile. Pain, fading away, healing with time.