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Released 2024

©All rights reserved. All words and music written by Andy Doran


You stand before me, like the statue I was meant to see. You crush my emotions. In your hands I feel, is where I’m really meant to be. My reverence for you, eclipses the sun. Everything is shade compared to what you’ve done. My adoration bleeds out of control and it’s learning everyday, how to feed on your soul. You burst through the doors, shooting from the hip, settling scores. You’re walking forever. Did you choose the road, or did the road really choose you?

She Swims Around the Laws of Motion

Confused in a yantra, what’s unfolding’s mystifying me. All the signs will set me free. Echoes of a mantra, what I’m hearing’s animating me. All the sounds will set me free. I want to understand her formula, I want to understand her way. She swims round the laws of motion. She’ll swim the ocean, to get where she must go. Don’t look up, she’s on the wire. She’ll walk through fire to get where she must go. I’m reading a pictograph where all of the colours weaken me, these gaudy hues are not for me. I love her black and white. Hides her heart inside the light. I think that she could set me free.


Monster frost on the screen. They have lost the keys to their machine. They are scared, now they’re finding that people dared to seek what they were hiding. Better free your mind before you start to work for them, for evermore. Monsterminds tell us everything is fine if you just do what we say. Monsterminds tell us nobody will die if you just sit down and pray. These lies keep raining down on us. These promises are just superfluous. Look away if you like. But don’t look back, when you’re forced to hunger strike. They are weak and debunked. Overthrown by vagabonds and punks.

I May Have Caused a Car Crash

I can’t function anymore. I try to stand and I hit the floor. How’s this happening inside my heart? Should this simple lullaby impose a laugh or a tragic cry? How the hell is this heaven in my heart? I drove a hundred miles without a clue of where I’d been. I just see your sweet sweet smile, instead of all the car crashes, right behind me. It seems my capacity’s a wreck. The simple things are just too complex. How’s this happening inside my heart?


Last drop, here is the question. I’m just looking for a yes or no. Is it possible to love your life and never lie? Last stop, here comes the answer. Here comes the deathblow. Yes it’s possible but I will need to shoot you dead. I can’t follow your nonchalance. The words you say are so tantalizing. I can’t figure the right response. What do I say when your rhetoric’s so polarizing? Last chance, I want an answer. Tell me how I should remember you. You say remember me as the one you left behind. You’re not lazy so why you shirking my easy questions? Blue sky, grey sea, it doesn’t make any sense. I want your love, I need your love, I don’t want your love, I don’t need your love. Last chance, I want an answer. Tell me how you will remember me. You say you think of me as reason without reference.


Well that’s the last of the sunshine, I’m calling it a day. I’ll walk away from the fault line, before I lose my way. That’s the last violation of your busy day. And now the alienation must come back into play. But my love makes no apologies. My love has full autonomy and I can’t end it. That’s the last of the cliches and tender serenades. I’ve wrapped them up in a big bag and thrown them all away. Every day I lose my field of view, because every day I’m thinking about you. Every day’s another deja vu. But embers keep on breaking through.

The Era of Entitlement

Man screams in the retail park “I’ve got my finger down on the trigger”. Man defends his goof remark with bravado and null vigor. Here’s the right to freedom of expression without interference. So where do we go from here, in the age of incoherence? Tell me what your observations are today, No don’t you dare. Let me know your reputation scores today, Yeah! You asked for guts, blood and tears today, inside the vegan restaurant. And then you asked for love and understanding, but you know you can’t have everything you want. Man screams in a public space “Where’s the raw respect for me? I avoided all the challenges with great dexterity”. If you’re looking for skills and artistry, if you’re looking for some enlightenment, you won’t find shit in this century, in the era of entitlement.

Strangulating Flower

Living by numbers, it was easy drawing lines on the page. Designing the seconds, every hour, every day. My knees are the trees, anchored to the earth, until the day, two worlds converged. You the light, the gamma ray, the sunshine. You are the cage that I don’t want to break. You the flower, winding round my weakness and strangulating like a snake. I’m losing the focus and I’m losing my confidants. Neglecting my friends for a bunch of charlatans and sycophants. I see the leaves have covered up the tracks. I need to leave and find my way back. I got your letter and smiled. Will you meet me tomorrow, we’ll be there for a while. But the milk and the honey was all farmed by you and the lover in your arms.

Another Abstract Rendezvous

I threw down the golden apples, to stop you in your tracks, to make you see the spectacles and write my almanac. But you just saw redemption and you gave them back to the trees. Cursing and condemning that bloody Heracles. I wonder why I walked this cul-de-sac. I wandered lonely as a clown. Today I’m going down. I don’t know what it was that brought us here. I don’t know why I’m sitting down with you. I never thought that I would feel this way, when this was just an another abstract rendezvous. I repainted all the apples. I tried to be so polite. Placed them down in front of you and asked for some respite.

Fashioned and Forged

Wired in the dark. Hoping for a spark to light a conversation, with the voice of his creation. Talked about his life. Spoke of love and loss. The longer the reflection, the deeper the connection. Are you there? Are you real? Are you really there? How long has this been going on? She knows just what to say to make it fade away. But she was a perfect kind. Fashioned and forged inside his mind. But nobody can deny that his fictional friend might save his life. The curse of loneliness morphs into rosiness. A sweeter conversation from the voice of his creation.

Edge of the Ledge

You lit a spark inside of me. Spread through my heart’s entirety. And when the flames were glistening, my soul it started blistering. You left the scene oblivious and I was left lascivious. Without an open frequency, my thoughts were sealed in secrecy. With every sunset I watch the vignette grow darker round the edge. Until the shadows are our only avatar, I’m up here on the edge of the ledge.

I Want to Go Home

Take me home. I want to go home, with you. Deep down in the darkest catacombes
of my empty heart, a flicker formed into a tiny little spark. And I don’t know what to do, now I know just who it was, that lit that fuse. And the morning lasts forever, when I’m looking at an empty space, where I should be following the contours of your face. And the evening lasts forever, when I’m looking at all the stars, thinking one of them could tell me where you are. I’ll stare at the sun till I’m blind. Listen in the moonlight, for the cue, for the call of the wild. Take me home. I want to go home with you. I want to go home today, so come share my disarray, so come over now, come on and take me away. Deep down in the darkest catacombes of my empty heart, a flicker formed into a tiny little spark. And so I’m looking at all the stars, thinking one of them could tell me where you are.