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Released 2022

All words and music written by Andy Doran

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The Era of Entitlement

Man screams in the retail park “I’ve got my finger down on the trigger”. Man defends his goof remark with bravado and null vigor. Here’s the right to freedom of expression without interference. So where do we go from here, in the age of incoherence?

Tell me what your observations are today, No don’t you dare. Let me know your reputation scores today, Yeah!

You asked for guts, blood and tears today, inside the vegan restaurant. And then you asked for love and understanding, but you know you can’t have everything you want.

Man screams in a public space “Where’s the raw respect for me? I avoided all the challenges with great dexterity”. If you’re looking for skills and artistry, if you’re looking for some enlightenment, you won’t find shit in this century, in the era of entitlement.