All the Way to the Pit

Ouch your eyes are running me into the ground
I said I would pay the bill
but tongue in cheek I lied to you

How can I move when they’re standing on my shoes
Wasting away with a piece of the day and not much else to lose

Spare a second, time to reckon, what’s forsaken, what’s forgotten
Take this rose and watch it die – what’s your point of making ties

What can I do, when you’re poisoning my food
Treating your guests then spending the rest, till there’s nothing left to lose

But there’s some things to lose
Yes there’s some things to lose
There’s so many things to lose
Like the thought of somebody else in your shoes

Oh yes, there’s a clue
Someone needs to fill your shoes

Is this what I’m looking for?
All this time, that I’ve been sweeping your floor

But what can you do, now I’ve got it in for you
Taking the fall, for the good of us all
it’s downhill all the way from here for you
All of the way – All of the way
All of the way – All of the way
All of the way

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