Spend the Day With Me

It’s been such an unintentional day
Simple treasures that we could not hide away

You’re so funny in everything you do
I’m so happy I could spend this day with you

It’s been such a revelation too
It’s so funny when we share those points of view

Its so liberating when you say
you can ask me anything today

I’m not looking for a trial with the third degree
I’m just happy you could spend this day with me
I can’t tell the world about the things we said
for if I did you’d surely shoot me dead

There’s nothing in the way, now I can see
And everything is labelled with morality
I can’t believe that I forgot
to radiate and laugh a lot
a blessing wrapped in words and chemistry

I’m so happy you could spend this day with me
and I’m locking it inside my memory
I can’t be myself with anybody else
it’s simple and it’s pure
and no I never can forget this precious day

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